Let’s Chat about Instagram

When it comes to my personal use of social media, Instagram is up there with Tik Tok as one of my favorite platforms.

When it comes to using it for business, Instagram is another powerful tool you can use to grow and more and more of my clients are leaning towards Instagram over Facebook as a way to promote their business.

Last week we talked about Facebook and the week before we talked about LinkedIn. Now let’s talk about optimizing Instagram for your business.

Like Facebook, you can have a personal and a business account on Instagram and if you’re running a business, you’ll want to make sure to set up a business account. This is something you can do easily in your settings.

Unlike Facebook though, your Instagram bio has to be short and to the point. You want to make sure you have something that’s brief but shows your audience who you are and what you do. However, something you can do on Instagram and not Facebook is have searchable hashtags in your bio, something you can use and take advantage of.

When it comes to posting and using Instagram as a way to have a CTA in your posts, you are unable to have a clickable link in the body of your post so you will want to have a link in your bio. Doing this, you have a few options. You can simply have your website as your link and if you have a CTA in your post, you can swap out the link as you need to. Doing this will take some effort and can be confusing to your audience if they see an older post and that link is gone.

You can use a third party site like Linktree that will allow you hav have multiple links in one spot that will allow your audience to easily find the CTA you want them too or if you have your own website, make a separate links page that will act like Linktree does.

The bonus to having a page like this on your own website, is directing traffic to your site as well since it’s a site you own, it won’t go down. Linktree in the past has gone down multiple times so having your own page, in our opinion, is best. If you need ideas for your own links page, you’re welcome to visit our links page here.

With Instagram, you can add CTA buttons and Contact buttons to your profile so that you can have people email you, call you, find your business and so many other options. This is something that you can easily set up while you edit your profile. Having a button to call and email you is key. This way, your customers or clients can easily get a hold of you.

Need ideas for a links page, how about free content ideas for the next 30 days? Click our Links page below and find out all the amazing resources we have there for you!

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