A lot of people see Monday as the day after the weekend, the end of all the fun you had the previous 2 days and back to the grind at work. You’re tired and don’t want to get up to the alarm and head to the office.

We see things a lot differently here at Russtek. Monday is the start of a new week, it’s a time to set new goals and get out and crush those goals.

It wasn’t always like that, there were times before Russtek started that I felt just that, there was not enough coffee in the city to get me through the day and as Monday started I couldn’t wait till the weekend already. Once Friday came along, the first thing out of my mouth was T.G.I.F!!!

Now, everyday feels like that. It’s a normal day to get out and own it, crush it and take on a new challenge. That for me is the best part about being an entrepreneur.

My challenge to you is to look at Monday a little differently, see it as the start of a fresh new week. We want to hear how you look at Monday and what you plan on doing to crush your goals this week!

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Nick Russell