Were you social on the Canada Day long weekend?

What an amazing Canada Day weekend and Social Media Day…hot but amazing! We couldn’t be prouder to be from Windsor and to be Canadian. We started off our weekend on Saturday at the 8th Annual Community Chalk Tweet for Social Media day. What an amazing event with so many community partners that are there to [...]

How do you get back to reality?

Now that MOMENTUM has come and gone it’s back to reality and back to our normal routine. That means no more super late nights and early mornings, no more running all over the place with extra planning meetings and no more weekly Facebook Live at 5 videos….mind you, I really do miss those. If you [...]

Have you ever planned a big event?

Months of planning, countless posts, ads and weekly Facebook Live videos all lead to one day…MOMENTUM!!! Our good friend Nichole Howson from AIM Social Media Marketing approached us to partner on organizing a business conference, this conference would help small business owners and entrepreneurs get value from experts speaking about their field to help others [...]

Why should you use Social Media?

We are just a little over a week away form MOMENTUM and as I plan the event with Nichole from AIM Social Media Marketing I will also be one of the presenters. What will I be talking about? Social media of course! As a small business owner I know the importance of using social media [...]

How many emails do you get a day???

How many emails do you get a day? If you’re like me and I’m sure you are, you get a ton of emails a day and a lot of them are from a newsletter you opted in for. Could be from a retail store or another company that you wanted to do business with, but you’re still getting all these emails.

Instagram Made Easy!

Instagram Made Easy! We are very happy to say that this week we have our good friend Nichole Howson from AIM Social Media Marketing as a guest blogger. This week she talks all about Instagram and how you can make your posts rock as much as her does!

It’s not easy working from home!

It’s not easy working from home! Around this time last year, we wrote a blog post about Time Management and the struggles entrepreneurs face working from home. With the weather starting to get nicer we thought it would be a good time to revisit this topic and try and help with some tips to staying productive while still working from a home office.